Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle

Easily remove all types of cartridge bottom brackets! The Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle is designed to remove stubborn bottom bracket bearing assemblies that are frozen-in to the threads. It uses a 32 mm hexagon socket which fits most common drivers from many manufacturers, including Shimano, Lifu, Ice Tools and Park Tool. What really sets this tool apart, is that it very simply attaches to the bottom bracket spindle threads (8, 12 and 15mm internal threads), and with a turn of the locknut, secures the driver into the splines, flats or driver pins depending on the particular bottom bracket to be removed. This prevents the tool from slipping away from the driving splines so you can concentrate on applying the force needed to remove the assembly. No more cheater bars or dead blow hammers on the tool (ouch!)

Of course, this tool can also be used to install all types of bottom Bracket sets as well. We make drivers for old-style Campagnolo bottom bracket cups, as well as for Shimano outboard bearing assemblies.

Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle  $100.00
Repair Parts  $20.00
Driver for Outboard Bearing Cups  $30.00
Driver for Old Style Campagnolo Cups  $40.00