Crank Extractor System

Easily repair stripped out extractor threads with this piloted tap. The threads are larger in diameter than the original and have a coarser pitch, and can be used to remove the crank arm, which can then be replaced or put back into service with our dust cap extractors and made as good as new.

The set includes:

  • Pilots for 8 and 15 mm internally threaded spindles (typical of square taper and ISIS spindles) and 10 mm stud type spindles
  • Precision made hardened tool steel piloted tap
  • Heavy duty shop type extractor
  • Two dust cap-type one key release extractors (also available separately)

This is the best solution for removing stripped out crank arms AND they will be as good as new when the one key release extractors are installed!

Complete Crank Extractor System  $175.00
Aluminum “One Key Release” Extractors for Replacement  $15.00
Stainless Steel “One Key Release” Extractors for Replacement  $20.00

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