Crown Race Remover Oversized

  • Fits for crown races from 1″ to 1.5″ steerers
  • Fits tapered steering tubes
  • Very fast to use!
  • Can be used to install the crown race as well using the optional install ring

This tool takes over where the original Stein Crown Race Remover left off. Now sporting four individual puller jaws which can be independently set around the fork crown race. Can be adjusted to fit the original 1″ steerer tube races up to the 1.5″ races used with tapered steering tubes. Set the tool over the race with the jaws retracted, then hold the jaws as a pair against the race while securing the socket bolts to keep the jaws from backing off. Move the second set of jaws into position and lock down. Carefully use the slide hammer to remove the bearing race. Usually only a few light blows will do the job. Be gentle and be sure the jaws stay in place.

This tool can be used to install the races as well. Race installing rings are available that will work with 1.5″ races. For 1″ and 1-1/8″ simply flip the tool over and use the opposite end!

Available as a retrofit to the old CRR-1 Crown Race Remover, please order the Crown Race Remover Upgrade.

CRR-2  Crown Race Remover 2 Complete  $145.00
CRR-2UP  Crown Race Remover Upgrade  $95.00
CRR-IR   Crown Race Remover Install Ring  $15.00

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