Rev Wrench for Rockshock Reverb Dropper

The Rockshock Reverb Dropper seat post has a very specific maintenance schedule. It needs to be disassembled to have the seals changed, which requires loosening the threaded body and the internally threaded fasteners, then reassembling and setting the threaded parts to a specific torque. The challenge is to be able to grab the threaded black anodized aluminum body, which has four flats and unscrew it from the main part of the seat post. A conventional steel wrench is typically open-ended and will only contact on two flats — even worse, a large crescent wrench. The use of either of these will invariably cause the corners of the flats to lose their black edges as the wrench digs into the aluminum. Also, the internal nuts of the device must be carefully removed. This tool takes care of all these problems! One end of the tool is a 32mm truncated four flat wrench which perfectly fits the body of the seat post. The other end has a combination of 23 mm and 26 mm hex wrenches for the matching internal fasteners. The best part of this tool is the square 3/8″ hole that can be driven with a torque wrench to precisely reassemble the fasteners and the body of the seat post to the correct torque specification. Your customers will be pleased to find their fancy seat post retains its unmarred appearance after servicing.

RW   $35.00